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Let me introduced some of the most usable products from Alexami cosmetics

Foundation Primer
  • Paraben free
  • Primer uses powerful natural ingredients that hydrate and even out skin tone to prepare your skin for makeup use.
  • Gentle and mild botanical mattifying Alexami primer is suitable for sensitive skin and does not contain silicone-based ingredients that may irritate skin or clog pores.
  • containing certified organic Rose Water and Witch Hazel extract
Mineral Foundation Powder
  • with SPF 20+
  • gives your skin the appearance of flawless glowing complexion and allows your skin to truly breathe
  • it protects against UV rays, the fast aging enemy of healthy skin
  • Don’t throw away your jar; replace your Alexami cosmetics with our environmentally-friendly refills and save.
Mineral eye shadows
  • are designed for long lasting wear using gentle natural ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • you can apply dry or wet for more intense look
  • can be use with clear lip-gloss to create bolt lip tones
  • or simply with clear nail polish to match the colour of your lip gloss
Herbal mineral mascara
Mineral mascara has been specially formulated with mild, naturally derived ingredients so that you’re less likely to have tears.

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